A productive summer: congrats Siavash and Katie

From DNA barcodes to biomes

Congratulations Gina. You made it :)

Gina Capretta made an excellent contribution to our lab’s research with her MSc project on targeted transcriptomics. She also had a great defence day on Thursday and is officially done before xmas break 🙂

Of course, she is also happy to claim her “You Made It” mug.

Gina defended

Congratulations Nicole on your MSc thesis defence

Nicole Fahner defended her thesis on Thursday. Nicole made an excellent contribution as part of the Biomonitoring 2.0 team.
Here is Nicole at a local restaurant 1hr after her defence.


And soon after.


Congratulations Lisa on your MSc thesis defence

Lisa Ledger successfully defended her MSc thesis yesterday. Great job, Lisa.

One more project completed using samples from our long-term field sites in ACG, Costa Rica.

Best wishes to Lisa in her future plans.