Dr. Chloe Robinson

  Chloe is a postdoctoral fellow and STREAM project manager within the Hajibabaei Lab, having previously completed her PhD in 2018 at Swansea University (UK). Her research background is largely in DNA-based environmental research, with focus on developing new… Read More

Shadi Shokralla

Shadi Shokralla, Ph.D. Dr. Shokralla’s graduate training, in conjunction with the Stanford Genome Technology Centre, was in molecular techniques for detection of microbial resistance amongst clinical isolates of bacteria. His main research interest is in technology development within… Read More

Ian King

Ian King, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow I completed my PhD in Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology at the University of California, Riverside, working under Paul De Ley in the Department of Nematology. My research involved establishing a biomonitoring programme… Read More