DNA metasystematics in the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge of Costa Rica

Ph.D. student Katie McGee recently returned from a six-week field research trip of the humid Atlantic lowland rainforests of the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge (MNWLR) located in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. She was there under a… Read More

Biomonitoring 2.0 hosts major molecular workshops at the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting

May, 2014 saw the first ever Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Over 3,500 members of the Society for Freshwater Science, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Phycological Society of America, and Society of Freshwater… Read More

Biomonitoring 2.0 team publishes NGS biodiversity results in PNAS

The Biomonitoring 2.0 team published their latest findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA. The Gibson et al. study continues the teams’ research into timely, cost-effective approaches to identifying the contents of species-rich mixed… Read More

Student and PostDoc presentations at the OE3C

The Hajibabaei Lab was well represented at the Ontario Ecology Evolution and Ethology Colloquium (OE3C) held May 8-10th, 2014 at the University of Guelph. Students, post docs, and faculty from universities all over the province (as well as… Read More

Keys to the Minibar

An article in The Scientist about mini-barcodes and their awesome uses! Keys to the Minibar

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

Our lab members had great success in wining major scholarships. Congratulations to our scholarship recipients: Joel Gibson: NSERC PDF (2013-2015) Ian King: MITACS PDF (2013-2015) Gina Capretta: NSERC MSc (2013-14) Nicole Fahner: NSERC MSc (2013-14) We also congratulate… Read More

Mehrdad Hajibabaei to deliver public lecture at “Genomics: The Power and the Promise”

Dr. Mehrdad Hajibabaei will be presenting a public lecture at 11:15am on Wednesday, November 28th, at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. The public lecture is part of “Genomics: The Power and the Promise”, a Gairdner… Read More

Environmental Barcoding in the Costa Rican Tropical Dry Forest: Hajibabaei Lab research in the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste.

In the latest example of the Hajibabaei Lab’s ongoing work with the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), masters’ student Lisa Ledger and  Steven Blewett, a volunteer research assistant have just returned from a one week field study of… Read More

Paper – The golden age of DNA metasystematics

Mehrdad Hajibabaei has published a new paper entitled “The golden age of DNA metasystematics” in the journal Trends in Genetics. From the Summary: “The convergence of next-generation sequencing and DNA barcoding has sparked a golden age of ‘DNA… Read More

Hajibabaei Lab well represented at Evolution 2012 meeting

Evolution 2012, a joint conference of the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution, the American Society of Naturalists, the Society for the Study of Evolution, the European Society of Evolutionary Biology, and the Society of Systematic Biologists, was… Read More