Mario Esposito

I received my BSc. in Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University focusing on molecular genetics in April of 2017 after completing an honours thesis project in comparative genomics. My research focused on determining where function is conserved via synonymous and non-synonymous substitutions. This laid the foundation for my passion of genomics and research which later led to pursuing further education in genomics.


After completing my BSc. in Biology I attended the University of Guelph in September of 2017 for my master’s in bioinformatics. I joined the Hajibabaei lab as a graduate student and was immersed into a genomics research setting. There, my research focused on comparative genomics identifying essential orthologous developmental genes amongst distant species. After completing my degree in September of 2018, I went on to work as a genomics research assistant in the Hajibabaei lab.

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