The Hajibabaei Lab was well represented at the Ontario Ecology Evolution and Ethology Colloquium (OE3C) held May 8-10th, 2014 at the University of Guelph. Students, post docs, and faculty from universities all over the province (as well as a few out of province) were in attendance, presenting research from a diverse range of topics. Joel Gibson, post-doctoral fellow and Biomonitoring 2.0 project manager, captured the audience’s attention with his compelling talk on the merits of DNA metabarcoding approaches. Graduate students Lisa Ledger, Nicole Fahner (also part of Biomonitoring 2.0), and Gina Capretta followed this up with poster presentations on their respective research projects and fielded questions from excited researchers. Of note, Lisa was awarded first place for her poster on environmental metabarcoding for beta diversity assessment of Costa Rican tropical dry forest!

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