Michael Wright

mikeMichael Wright (Master’s candidate)

I received my B.Sc in Biology from Trent University, Peterborough in April 2011 after completing an honours thesis project on mosquito diversity in rural vs. urban habitats. During my undergrad I had the opportunity to both take (June 2010), and TA (June 2011) a field course looking at wild plants in Ontario. This opened my eyes to the many great and rare ecosystems Ontario has to offer as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit them. I began working in the Hajibabaei lab in October 2012 mainly processing samples relating to the Biomonitoring 2.0 research project. Now, as a masters candidate, my project is investigating the utility of next-generation sequencing in detecting changes in benthic arthropod community structure through phylogenetic diversity and patterns of species co-occurrence in Wood Buffalo National Park as a part of the Biomonitoring 2.0 project.

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