imgp5041-850x1280Gina Capretta  BASc., B.Ed., (MSc. Student)

After completing a BASc. from McMaster University in 2002, I headed for Teacher’s College at the University of Toronto and earned a B.Ed (Biology/Chemistry) with a specialization in gifted education. Over the last ten years, I taught science and math to elementary, secondary, and adult students in various cities across Ontario. It is with much enthusiasm, that I am returning to school to be a student myself, and pursue a MSc. in the Hajibabaei lab. My interests include using next-generation sequencing technology to solve problems related to aquatic toxicology, at a molecular level. Specifically, my research will explore how changes in water chemistry affect the transcriptome of a bulk environmental sample, while targeting certain genes of interest. My MSc. education is being partially funded by a NSERC CGS –M scholarship.

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